How do I Find an Exit Ramp Number?

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You can find the highway exit ramp number online.

You may get on and off the highway hundreds of times a year using the same exit ramp each time, as you commute back and forth to work or school. Yet, when it's time to give directions to someone else, you might be hard-pressed to recall the right exit number off the highway. Don't despair. Online maps make it relatively easy to find the exit ramp number.


Step 1

Select an online map service. Mapquest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps are among the most popular map sites on the web. You can find others by searching for "online maps."

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Step 2

Search for your location. Use the map service search boxes to find the highway and the area you are looking for.


You can search with a variety of terms, including the highway number, the city and state, the zip code or the intersection of major roads.

Step 3

Drag the map to the right area. Once you have the locale you're searching for, click and hold the mouse button until a hand symbol appears. Keep holding the button, and drag the hand to move the map to the location you want to see in detail.



Step 4

Adjust the zoom. Exit ramp numbers may not appear on the map at large scales that cover a lot of area. Use the map's zoom function to enlarge the highway until exit numbers appear on the map. These will give you the precise information you need about exit numbers at each off-ramp on the highway.



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