How Do I Find Friends on Reddit?

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Reddit has a variety of onboard tools which can help you locate your friends.
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First established in 2005, Reddit has risen in popularity to become one of the most heavily trafficked content platforms on the internet today. Featuring an endless array of discussion threads on virtually every topic imaginable, Reddit acts as a hub of information sharing as well as a form of social networking for individuals around the world. Reddit users must register for an account in order to post content on the platform. Once an account has been made, you can use the Reddit user search function to locate other users who may share similar interests.



Reddit has a variety of onboard tools which can help you locate your friends. You can use the onboard search functions, as well as a standard Google search, to find users on this popular discussion platform.

Reddit User Basics

As mentioned previously, Reddit users are required to set up an account with the website before they are granted permissions for posting content on the website itself. An account provides a number of valuable services. For example, a user's account will keep a record of their various posts and discussions across any number of Reddit channels they have interacted with.


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As a user continues to post, they gain "karma" when the content they share is approved of, or "upvoted," by other users. An individual Reddit user's account will also display their current karma, which could help other users assess their general credibility.

Locating Friends on Reddit

Thanks to a relatively powerful user interface, you can begin searching for friends or other users on Reddit using a few relatively simple strategies. Currently, Reddit does not have a direct portal through which you can search for other users. However, you can use the basic search tool included on the website to indirectly search for other users on the platform. In order to do this, you must first include the "u/" prefix before you include their username in the search. So, for example, if you were searching for a user name "BananaMango," you would search for "u/BananaMango."


This search would not lead you directly to the Reddit user's account information, but it would provide a listing of recent postings made by BananaMango. Once this list has been retrieved, you can click on the individual's username from any of the available postings to access more account-specific information.


How to Search Reddit With Google

You can also search for a specific Reddit username using a simple Google search. In fact, the search itself would be virtually no different than the search you initiated on Reddit. For example, if you are looking for BananaMango yet again, you could create a Google search for "Reddit u/BananaMango." Although the results may not ultimately be as exclusive as the search you created on Reddit, you will likely find your way back to the same user's page regardless.


With this in mind, either method of search is recommended. Your particular preference will most likely be informed by whether or not you are already navigating the Reddit website.

If you are trying to find deleted Reddit posts by a user, a Google search will also be your best option. Certain online platforms archive Reddit posts, which may be your best option if you are trying to locate a post that has already been deleted from the main Reddit platform by the user. There are no guarantees, however, that you will ultimately be able to find this content, particularly if the post involved content such as videos.