How Do I Find Friends on Reddit?

By Todd Bowerman

The massive online community Reddit connects you to other Internet denizens through common interests. Reddit is split into subreddits targeted at specific topics. The subreddit “/r/politics” centers on political discussion, while “/r/funny” contains content deemed funny by its users, for example. Reddit protects the identities of its users, so if you want to find your friends you’ll need to know their Reddit usernames.

Finding Existing Friends on Reddit

Step 1

Go to the Reddit home page, which shows trending content from a variety of popular subreddits.

Step 2

Type your friend’s username into the Search Reddit box. Press “Enter” to start the search. You do not need to be logged in to Reddit to conduct a search.

Step 3

Browse through the search results. Reddit displays all posts that contain or were submitted by the username you searched. For a more specific search, add the “author:” prefix to your search. For example, type “author:reddituser1” in the search bar.

Step 4

Click your friend’s username in the search results to open his profile. If you’re logged in to Reddit, you can click the “+Friend” button to follow your friend’s posts. The user will not be notified that you have added him as a friend.

Making New Friends

Step 1

Go to the Reddit home page. Browse the navigation bar at the top of the screen; each link points to a subreddit dedicated to discussion of a particular topic.

Step 2

Click any topic that piques your interest. For example, if you're interested in discussions about history, click the "History" link to go to the "/r/history" subreddit.

Step 3

Click a link to see its content. Click the "Comments" link to see conversation about this link. Contribute to the conversation by adding a comment or by replying to or voting on existing comments. You can befriend users of any given subreddit by participating constructively in conversations and debates and by posting your own valuable and interesting content.

Tips & Warnings

  • Reddit users are held to a standard of behavior known as Reddiquette, which dictates that sharing another user’s personal information is strictly prohibited. There is no tool for discovering a friend’s Reddit username on the site.
  • Before leaping into a debate, voting on comments or discussing content, read the Reddiquette guidelines. These guidelines explain how the voting system works and how to be a constructive and valuable member of a subreddit community.
  • Certain subreddits contain images or information considered inappropriate for children or work environments. Posts with inappropriate content are marked with a "NSFW" tag to identify them as "not safe for work."
  • Some subreddits have their own rules that are usually listed to the right of posted links. Read these rules to understand how each subreddit expects its community members to behave.