How Do I Get a URL Code for a Picture on My Computer?

By Jamie Lisse

Do you have a picture on your computer that you want to post on a website or message board? If so, you will need a URL code or address for that picture for it to display. The only way to get a URL code for a picture on your computer is to upload that picture to the Internet. Once that is accomplished, you will be able have a direct URL code for your picture.

Things You'll Need

  • Account at photo sharing website

Step 1

Create an account with a photo sharing website such as Photobucket or Flickr. The Travelers Notebook website (see Resources) has a list of six recommended photo sharing websites. Photobucket or Flickr both offer free accounts for photo sharing. If you have a Yahoo account, you can use that login for Flickr.

Step 2

Look for the “Upload Photos” or “Upload” button once you are signed into your photo sharing account. Click this link or button to get to the photo upload page.

Step 3

Select the photo on your computer that you need a URL code for by browsing to the location where it is stored on your computer. For example, if you have it saved in “My Documents,” then navigate to that location using the upload “Browse” button to select the picture.

Step 4

Click the “Upload” button once you have selected the picture to upload it into your account. Once the picture has been uploaded, you will be taken to the main gallery or photostream for your account and you should see the image, or at least a thumbnail of it, in the gallery.

Step 5

Use your mouse and click directly on the image to be taken to its individual page. From this page you can get the URL code. For example, in Flickr you can get the code by clicking on the “All Sizes” icon and in Photobucket the URL code is listed on the image's page under “Share This Image” on the left side of the screen.