How Do I Highlight in Microsoft Word?

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There are 15 basic highlighting colors available in Word 2013.
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You can add highlighting in Word 2013 with a few clicks of the mouse. After selecting the text you want to highlight, choose the "Text Highlight Color" button in the Home tab Font group. From here, you can select a color in the drop-down box to highlight the selected text in that color. To remove highlighting, click on the "No Color" option in the drop-down box after re-selecting the highlighted text.


The Highlighter Pen

Click the "Text Highlight Color" button which toggles the highlighter pen on and off. When the pen is active and hovering over text, an image of a highlighter pen appears in place of the normal cursor, and any text you select will be highlighted. You can continue to highlight other areas until you turn off the pen off by clicking on the "Text Highlight Color" button again.


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Other Highlighting Options

Highlighting in different colors can indicate various levels of importance or categories. Lighter colors are usually used to highlight black text, but darker colors can be eye-catching when the font color is changed from black to white or another light color. To change the font color, select the text, click on the down arrow next to the "A" button at the bottom right section of the Font group and click on the desired font color.