How Do I Insert a Page or Section Break in a Microsoft Word Document?

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You'll find settings for page breaks, columns and text wrapping grouped together.
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To insert a page break in Microsoft Word 2013, place the cursor in your document just after the last place you want to be included on the current page and just before the first place you want to be located on the next page. Click on the "Insert" tab at the top-left side of the ribbon menu bar. In the Pages group, select "Page Break."


Section Breaks

You can also select page breaks and other types of section breaks by using the third tab on the ribbon menu bar called Page Layout. Click on "Page Layout," and click on the down arrow next to Breaks. Select one of the breaks from the drop-down list by clicking on one of them; this will insert the break where your cursor is placed in the document. This list includes page and column breaks as well as various section breaks that you can choose depending on your requirements for the document.


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Show/Hide Button

No indication of the break will be visible in the document unless you use the Show/Hide button to reveal the insertion. The button is located on the right side of the Paragraph group of the Home tab on the ribbon menu bar. It has a paragraph symbol on the button. This button toggles on and off to indicate various non-printable commands or entries typed or inserted into the document such as tabs, indents, next-line indicators, spaces and page and section breaks.