How Do I Insert a Word Document Into a PowerPoint Presentation?

By Nick Peers

Discover how you can embed, or link to, a Word document in your PowerPoint presentation. You can also insert just a part of a document into a slide.

By inserting a Microsoft Word document into your PowerPoint presentation, you can include large amounts of information without using dozens of separate slides. If you choose to link to the document instead of embedding it, changes to the document are automatically reflected in PowerPoint. Alternatively, you can insert only a part of the document into the presentation.


You can open and edit the document from PowerPoint if you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

Inserting an Entire Word Document

Step 1

Open the presentation in PowerPoint or create a new one. Select the slide from the left pane and then switch to the Insert tab.

Step 2

Open the Insert Object dialog and select the Word document.

Click the Object button in the Text group to display the Insert Object dialog. Click the Create from file radio button and then click the Browse button and select the Word document using the file browser.


To create a new Word document on the slide, click the Create New radio button and select Microsoft Word Document from the Object Type box. A new document is inserted into the slide and Word opens.

Step 3

Link to the document and display it as an icon.

Check the Link box if you want to link to the document instead of embedding it. If you edit a linked Word document, the changes are inserted in PowerPoint automatically.

Optionally, check the Display as icon box to display the object as an icon instead of displaying the first page of the document on the slide.

Click OK to embed -- or link to -- the Word document and then save the changes by pressing Ctrl-S.


  • To change the icon, click the Change Icon button and choose a different icon. The Change Icon button displays after you check the Display As Icon box.
  • By default, the first page of the document is displayed on the PowerPoint slide. You can't display more pages, but you can format the object and change its appearance by right-clicking it and selecting Format Object.
  • To edit the Word document, double-click the object on the slide, or right-click it, select Document Object and click Open.
  • You can resize the Word object by dragging the resize handles on the sides of the object or reposition it on the slide by dragging it.
  • Save the presentation periodically to avoid losing your work in case of a crash. PowerPoint automatically saves the presentation every 10 minutes.


Deleting, renaming or moving a linked Word document may cause errors in the presentation; PowerPoint may not be able to find and display the document.

Inserting a Portion of the Word Document

You can insert only a portion of the Word document into PowerPoint by using the Paste Special option.

Step 1

Open the Paste Special dialog.

Select the section you want to copy from Word and press Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard. In PowerPoint, click the arrow below Paste in the Clipboard group on the Home tab and select Paste Special.

Step 2

Paste the data from the clipboard as an object.

Select Microsoft Word Document Object from the Paste As box to paste the data from the clipboard into a new object on the slide. If you want to create a link to the Word document, click the Paste Link radio button. Click OK to create the Word document object.