How Do I Know if I Am Blocked From Sending Messages in BlackBerry PIN Messages?

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The BlackBerry Messenger application is an instant messaging program that allows users to sent IMs via the phone number or via the BlackBerry Product ID Number. You can delete contacts from BlackBerry Messenger to block the contact from IMing you, which deletes the phone number and PIN for the contact, as well as any other information in the record. It is difficult to know if you are being blocked from sending BlackBerry messages via the BlackBerry PIN. However, you might look for some clues if you think someone has blocked you on BBM Instant Messenger.


Step 1

Press or tap the "Menu" key to open the Home screen. Scroll to and highlight the BlackBerry Messenger icon. Tap or press the trackpad to open the application.

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Step 2

Click on the contact you suspect may have blocked you, in your "Contacts" list in the BBM interface. Scroll to and select their PIN to send the message via a PIN connection.

Step 3

Type an instant message to the recipient and press or tap the "Menu" button. Scroll to and highlight "Send."


Step 4

Wait a few minutes for a response. If you do not get a response, view the instant message's status in the IM window. If the checkmark is checked and a "D" is indicated in the IM's Status, the message has successfully be delivered to the recipient. If the checkbox is unchecked, and no "D" is present, you may be blocked from sending PIN messages or from that specific recipient's BBM. If you have been deleted from their BBM contact list, the message cannot be delivered.


Try sending more than one recipient a BlackBerry Messenger PIN message. It is possible the first recipient’s device is turned off or out of the service area.