How Do I Open IMG Files in Windows?

By Andrew Meer

When backing up the data on a CD or DVD, certain disc imaging applications save the images in the IMG file format. If you have IMG files that you want to open, you must mount the file onto a virtual optical drive. By default, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 provides built-in support for IMG files. If you are using Windows 7, however, you must use third-party applications capable of creating a virtual drive to mount IMG files.

Mounting IMG Files

When double-clicking an IMG file, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 automatically creates a virtual optical drive and mounts the IMG file. Using File Explorer, double-click the virtual drive to access the contents within the IMG file. To unmount the IMG file, right-click the virtual drive icon in File Explorer, and then select **Eject.** On Windows 7, install either OSFMount, WinCDEmu or MagicDisc (links in Resources). When using OSFMount, open the application after installing, and then click the **Mount New** button to select and mount the IMG file. WinCDEmu, after installing, automtically mounts IMG files when double-clicking them. MagicDisc shows up on the system tray after installation, where you can select the **Virtual CD/DVD Drive** option to mount an IMG file.