How Do I Program My Dish Remote Control?

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A dish remote control can help to reduce clutter.

Although your dish remote control may look as though it could run a spaceship, it will make your life less complicated when you use it to control your entertainment system. In its original state, the device controls your satellite dish's Dish Network receiver. Once you program it, this remote will control your main television set, a VCR or DVD/BD player, and even a stereo amplifier or an extra TV. Use of one remote reduces clutter and frustration.


Step 1

Turn on the TV to program the remote to your main television set. Also turn on any other components you wish to control with the remote.

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Step 2

Find the appropriate codes for the device in the "Dish Network: Remote Codes" list in the Resources section. Many devices will have several codes available. Write down all appropriate codes for easier programming.


Step 3

Choose the appropriate button for the device. You'll find these buttons at the top of the dish remote control. You can choose "TV", "VCR" or "AUX." Press and hold your choice until all the buttons flash.

Step 4

Start with the first three-digit code on your list. Enter it with the numeric key pad on the dish remote control. To program the "AUX" button, a fourth number must follow the three-digit code. Use "0" for a TV, "1" for a DVD or VCR, and "2" for anything else. Press the "#" key after entering the numbers.


Example: To program the "TV" key to work with a Sanyo television, start with the first code and enter 590#. To program the "AUX" key to work with a Sanyo television, enter 5900#.

Step 5

Test the device by pressing the power button on the remote control. If nothing happens, repeat the process with the next code on your list. Continue this process until the device shuts off.



Step 6

Turn the device on. Check all of the functions on the device by using the key pad on the dish remote control. For a TV, include volume, mute, channel up and channel down, and so forth. If not all of the functions respond, repeat the code-entry process with the next code on your list. Continue until you find the code that commands all of the functions for your device.


Step 7

Repeat the process with any remaining devices. Once you've programmed your dish remote control, you will likely have to do it again very rarely.

Things You'll Need

  • Television

  • Dish remote