How Do I Rename the Stat List on a TI-84 Calculator?

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Texas Instruments develops a variety of scientific calculators, which cover a wide range of mathematical functions. The Stat utility in the TI-84 allows you to compute basic and complex statistics that range from standard deviation and variance calculations to frequency distribution, frequency polygons and determining sample size.


Step 1

Click on the "Stat" button and move the cursor to the list column you want to rename.

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Step 2

Press the "2nd" and "INS" button once the cursor is over the list you are about to rename. The "Name=" prompt displays at the bottom of all columns.


Step 3

Type a name of up to five characters long using the alphabetic character buttons. The name must start with a letter and not a numeral. Press the "2nd" and "A-Lock" buttons to keep the alpha mode locked on, if necessary. Press the "Alpha" button to unlock it.


Step 4

Press "Enter." The new name displays along with the other lists columns.




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