How Do I Reset a Vizio TV?

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If your Vizio TV is frozen or you see vertical lines on a Vizio TV screen, a reset is often necessary. The Vizio reset is an easy process to follow, and it is often the solution to simple problems like freezing and bogging down. Sometimes, an overloaded app or power surge can create issues and resetting the TV provides a clean slate and smooth operations. You can reset with a power cycle or restore to the factory default settings.


Power Cycle Reset

If your Vizio TV is frozen or a simple problem is occurring, a power cycle can fix the issue. The power cycle is quick and easy to execute, which makes it an attractive option to attempt before completing a full factory reset. The power cycle reset is appropriate when the TV is slow, frozen or overloaded with applications that do not process efficiently. To complete the cycle, first try turning off the TV with the power button on your remote. If it's frozen, this may not work. Use the power button on the TV if the remote fails. After the TV is turned off, unplug the power cord to disconnect all power. Wait for one minute with the power completely disconnected before reconnecting the power and turning the TV back on. This reset should remove freezing problems and restore functionality.


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Vizio Factory Reset

A factory reset removes any custom settings and returns the TV to the same settings it had when it was new. This reset removes your saved password, aftermarket apps, and anything added after purchasing the TV. A Vizio factory reset is ideal when you are selling the TV because it removes passwords and sensitive information. It can also provide a fresh start and return a slow TV that freezes to smoother operation. To reset, select "Help" on Via models or "System" on Via Plus models. Select "Reset & Admin" and then choose "Clear Memory" on the subsequent menus. Lastly, select "Restore Factory Defaults" and let the TV cycle until it completes the reset process completely.


Next Steps

After you complete a factory reset, the TV is like new. This means you need to download any apps that were not standard from the factory, and you need to set up passwords and log in to accounts. Resetting the TV does not remove your accounts to Netflix and other apps, and you log in with the same username and password settings. It simply removes those passwords from the TV memory. After a reset, download only the apps that you frequently use to prevent overloading the TV and creating the same freezing and slowing issues.