How Do I Update My Yahoo! Browser?

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Yahoo!, now owned by AT&T, is a great search browser. It is important, however, that you check for updates periodically to keep your browser current.


Updating the Browser for AT&T Customers

Before checking to see if your Yahoo! browser needs an update, you should know that your browser should automatically be updating itself, as well as checking for updates for its associated programs. A quick way to fix problems is to reinstall your browser using the Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) software disk. Uninstall all the Yahoo! components and reinstall Yahoo! using the disk.


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Updating for Non-AT&T Customers

The quickest way to check for updates for non-members is to open the browser, and select "Help." Once you have done this, select "Check for Updates." If you find any, your problem is solved, and you can install the update. However, if you do not find an update, but have found an update on Google, you can try downloading the update and then installing it. If this does not work, you must uninstall Yahoo! and restart your computer. Download the newest browser and then install it. You may have to also reinstall all of your Yahoo! add-ons.



Firefox Alternative

A much easier alternative is to run Firefox with Yahoo! Personals. Firefox is fairly flexible and will be able to transfer your applications. Firefox also features a slick browser with a less bulky search window, so you can view more of the Internet page within the browser. This may be a better option from the beginning, as the pop-up blockers on Firefox are also typically stronger. Yahoo!, however, features a convenient browser for those who use the tool bars frequently, so weigh your options before making your final decision.




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