How do I Use a Verizon Phone With US Cellular?

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You must unlock your Verizon phone before using it with US Cellular

American mobile phone providers program their new devices to ensure customers cannot use them with other networks. If you want to use your Verizon Wireless phone with US Cellular, you'll need to take it to a mobile phone repair specialist to unlock it. Alternatively, you can purchase an unlocked Verizon phone from an online retailer. Once you have an unlocked phone, start new service with US Cellular or simply insert your existing US Cellular SIM card.


Step 1

Unlock your existing Verizon phone. Take it to a mobile phone repair specialist to unlock it for use on all networks.

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Step 2

Purchase an unlocked Verizon phone. If you want Verizon's latest phone and don't want to use it with Verizon service, search eBay, Craigslist or a similar site to see if you can find an unlocked one for sale. This way, you won't have to take it to a specialist for unlocking.


Step 3

Establish US Cellular service if you have not already done so. Call US Cellular's customer service department at 1-888-944-9400 or visit your local US Cellular store to set up new service. Inform them you already have a phone but you need a SIM card to insert into it. You will need to pay an activation fee.



Step 4

Insert your US Cellular SIM card into your unlocked Verizon wireless phone. Turn the phone off then on again, and wait a moment for the SIM card to register. Begin making calls using your US Cellular number.



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