How Do I Use Green Text on 4Chan? is a message and discussion board -- one not for the faint of heart -- that allows users to post images as well as text. The site is simple in its implementation and does not allow for easy quoting of previous posts in your own post. Changing the color of quoted text can draw attention to it as a quote or for emphasis; indeed, green text is the standard method for quoting on 4chan and the practice has even taken on a special meaning within the community: to draw attention to a story you are telling.

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Greentexting Made Easy

The 4chan community has created its own verb, "greentexting," to describe changing the color of the text. Greentexting is accomplished simply: just add a ">" character in front of each line of your post. For instance, ">this is greentext" will display the characters "this is greentext" in green-colored font. You must add the ">" to each line of the post that you wish to appear in green font.

Adult Content Warning

4chan is most often associated with adult content and controversial discussions. Take care when visiting this site as much of the content is not safe for a workplace environment.

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