How Do I Use Spell Check in Adobe Acrobat?

By Lynne Pettus

Both Adobe Acrobat DC and the free Acrobat Reader DC provide a spell check feature for checking the spelling in comments and form fields, but they do not support spell-checking the text itself. Access the products' spell check feature from the Edit menu by choosing **Check Spelling**. A workaround for checking the spelling of the text itself is to open the PDF in Word 2013 and use its spell check feature.

Step 1

Open your PDF in either the full Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, select the **Edit** menu and then **Check Spelling**. The only choice for spell checking is **In Comments and Fields**.

Step 2

Click **Start** in the Check Spelling dialog.

Step 3

If a spelling error is found, choose either to ignore it or to change it based on the words in the Suggestions box. In this example, the word *blue* is misspelled in a comment. If you click **Ignore**, the spell check resumes without making changes. Clicking **Change** replaces the misspelling with the selected word.

Step 4

When the spell checker finds no further errors, it displays "No misspellings found." Remember -- it checks only form fields and comments.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use the robust spell checking capabilities in Word 2013 to spell check the text of a PDF. Right-click on the PDF in File Explorer, choose "Open with...", select "Word(desktop)" and use its spell check capabilities to find misspellings in the text. You can then either fix the errors in Word and save the document back to a PDF or manually fix the errors in the PDF using Acrobat's text editing feature.
  • To spell check text in a PDF, another option is to purchase a custom Adobe script (see Resources).
  • To use Acrobat's spell check, upgrade to Acrobat DC; a known bug in Acrobat XI may cause spaces to be removed when replacing a misspelled word with a correct one.