How to Access Another Facebook Account on My Computer

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Facebook allows you to create a personal profile that helps you stay connected with coworkers, family and friends -- but that doesn't mean you're limited to having only one profile. Whether you have a separate account for a business or creative endeavor or one you use only to connect with people you know very well, it's possible to have several active Facebook accounts -- and access them simultaneously on the same computer.


Step 1

Open a different Internet browser than the one you're using to access your primary Facebook account. For example, if you're using Google Chrome, open a Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer Window. Opening a new window or tab within the same browser won't do -- the browser has your login information for Facebook stored.


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Step 2

Point your secondary browser to Facebook. Enter your login credentials for your secondary account, and click "Sign In" to access the account.

Step 3

Use both of your Facebook accounts simultaneously. Pay particular attention not to post "News Feed" messages intended for friends on one account to another.