How to Access Internal Memory on a Cell Phone

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Cell phones are generally not designed to allow you to have direct access to their internal memory, but behind the scenes, nearly all cell phones organize their data in the same file and folder structure used on computers. Customized software for your cell phone will allow you to browse and access these files, but this software varies by the kind of cell phone you use, the carrier for your cell phone network and the applications you are using on your phone.


Step 1

If you don't already know the specific model number for your phone, you will need to determine it. Many cell phones sold in the United States have a different brand name than their actual model number. Remove your cell phone's battery (if it is removable), and check for a sticker on the inside of the phone under your battery. The official model name or number for the phone, issued by the phone's manufacturer, should appear on this sticker.


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Step 2

Open a web browser window, and search for "[cell phone model] file browser." Cell phones run many different operating systems, so any utility software you use has to be designed specifically for your phone's operating system and model number. This search will take you directly to any software that is available for your phone, which will be far easier than learning more about your phone's operating system and incompatibilities with various software packages.


Step 3

If that does not give you a usable application, go to and search for your phone's model number and brand name. The Howard Forums are populated by many advanced experts on cell phone technology, and most likely, someone else has already started a discussion about your phone that will provide you with an answer for your needs. If not, register with the forum and post your own question.



Step 4

Once you have located the software, follow the instructions on the web page for installing it on your phone. Some software can be installed over the air by entering an SMS code or sending an e-mail from your phone to the site; other software is installed by downloading it to your computer and synchronizing it to your phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet connection

  • Synchronization software to install applications on your phone



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