How to Add a New Email Account to Thunderbird

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How to Add a New Email Account to Thunderbird. Mozilla's Thunderbird is a free, user friendly mail client from the same company that creates the web browser, Firefox. The Email Account wizard is a step-by-step process, typically easy enough to follow as long as you have the information you need. In just a matter of minutes you'll be able to use the versatile Mozilla Thunderbird client to check your email from virtually any server you have an account with.


Step 1

Find "Account" in Mozilla Thunderbird's menu by looking under "File" and "New."

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Step 2

Make sure "Email Account" is selected in the radio-button menu, and click "Next."


Step 3

Read the text, then type the name you want on your emails for "Your Name," and your return email address for "Email Address." Click "Next."

Step 4

Use the information provided by your email host, and select either POP or IMAP from the radio button choices.


Step 5

Type in the name of your incoming server where prompted and determine whether or not you wish to use a Global Inbox. Tick the box appropriately, then click "Next."


Step 6

Input your username into the "Input User Name" field. Click "Next."


Step 7

Enter the name you would like Mozilla Thunderbird to use for your account as the "Account Name." Click "Next."

Step 8

Select whether or not you want your messages downloaded at the end of the wizard, review your information, and click "Finish."

Step 9

Enjoy your new Email Account.

Things You'll Need

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Your email account information, including the POP server's address


If your email provider is Hotmail, Yahoo!, Lycos, MailDotCom, Gmail, Libero, or AOL, use the Webmail extension. Its added functionality allows Mozilla Thunderbird to utilize webmail clients.