How to Add a USB Printer to a Wyse Terminal

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Connecting your USB printer to a Wyse terminal allows your entire work, school or home network remote access to the hardware. Sending jobs to one printer in a central location from multiple locations saves time and money, as you do not have to purchase or service several devices. While Wyse terminals have several ports for multiple printers, you may only need to use one for this purpose, freeing the other ports for other hardware such as computers and additional USB hubs.


Step 1

Insert the USB printer's USB cable into the "LPT 1" or "LPT 2" port on the Wyse terminal.

Step 2

Launch the Wyse terminal management utility.

Step 3

Select "Printer Setup" from the menu bar's "File" tab.

Step 4

Select the port--such as "LPT 1" or "LPT 2"--corresponding to the USB printer from the "Select Port" drop-down menu.


Step 5

Enter a name for the printer in the "Printer Name" field if desired. Doing so makes for easy reference when using the print options from various utilities.

Step 6

Enter the printer model name or type into the "Printer Identification" field. You may forgo this step and leave the default "Generic / Text Only" setting in the field if you are unsure or do not intend to print special or high-quality jobs.

Step 7

Select the printer's class from the "Printer Class" drop-down menu.


Step 8

Check the "Enable the printer device" box so that your USB-connected printer responds to the Wyse terminal's network.

Step 9

Click "OK" to save your settings and complete the USB printer's addition.