How to Add Channels on Dish Network

Dish works on predetermined packages and they have channel packs for additional add-ons.
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Dish packages vary and the channels provided are dependent on the package purchased. Adding channels is, however, possible by either changing the package or working with the Dish Network to add one or only a few channels to the package. Ideally, you will negotiate this before committing to a service contract. The company has more incentive to add an extra channel when you have not yet purchased the package.

Dish Variety Pack Channels

Dish works on predetermined packages and they have channel packs for additional add-ons. Single channels are rarely sold in an isolated manner and they are typically packaged as a group with a monthly add-on fee for the channel pack. These channel packs work in addition to the base package chosen.

To add a channel pack to the existing Dish service, first search through the channel package options and pricing on the Dish website. Many of the packs are oriented toward related channel types. For example, if you want a specific sports channel, it will come in a grouping of sports channels. Make the change by calling customer support or use a Dish Network login to make the changes online.

Movie packs are also common and desired for watching features. Some OnDemand packages also exist by connecting approved outside networks for streaming services. Connecting live television channels for news and other programmed shows is also a highly desired service. Numerous different options exist for these packages with some ability to customize the actual channels in the network so long as they fit the category.

Switch to a Flex Pack

The Flex Pack is the best option for adding and removing channels from the service without disrupting the contract. The plan remains stable and you can simply choose to drop one channel pack and replace it with another desired package.

The base plan starts you off with 50 popular channels. After the base option, a variety of channel packs are offered for a flat monthly additional rate. You can add a local pack for local channels, kids pack, news pack, outdoor pack, Sirius XM radio pack, etc.

After adding the desired packs, the rate will adjust to reflect the choices. The nice thing about this option is the ability to drop any of those packs at any time without penalty. They will drop off and you can choose to add different packs if desired. Or keep your original choices and add more channels. The plan really does offer a good amount of flexibility. The channels are all packaged, however, and adding an individual channel is not shown as an option.

Dish Customer Support

If adding a single channel to the Dish network is really preferred over a channel pack, contacting Dish directly is the best bet. They only offer the channels in the packages through the Dish TV login and finding a single channel is simply not an option.

Use the login to email customer support or call the company directly. Increase your odds of securing a single channel add-on by making a case for the out-of-norm service. Tell them about your history as a customer and explain that you have other options to consider. They want to keep you as a customer and might make an exception if the network allows the single channel addition.

If Dish will not add a channel, look to streaming services and free trial options as alternative solutions. They do require a high-speed internet connection for streaming but the desired channels are likely available.