How to Add Games on Dolphin

By Cee Jay

Dolphin started as a GameCube emulator. An emulator “imitates” a gaming system, allowing backups of your games to be played on a computer instead of the original system. It now emulates both GameCube and Wii games by reading images (ISOs or GCMs) of the files. PC DVD drives can't directly read backup games, so you must have a copy already on your PC.

Step 1

Choose the appropriate version for your operating system--either 32-bit or 64-bit--and download Dolphin 2.0. If you're unsure which version you have, right click “My Computer,” then left click on “Properties.” Locate the details listed under “System Type.”

Step 2

Go into the folder where you downloaded Dolphin and double click the file. Click "OK" to confirm the folder for Dolphin to extract its files or click "Browse" to choose a different one.

Step 3

Open the extracted folder and look for "Dolphin.exe." Double click to start.

Step 4

Double click the blank window which will state, “Dolphin could not find any GC/Wii ISOs.”

Step 5

Select the directory where the backups are located and click “OK.” All games in the specified folder will appear as a list on the screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Certain games work better with different versions of the program. Download older releases of Dolphin and save them in separate folders for maximum compatibility.
  • It is against the law to use Dolphin for games you don’t own. Use the software responsibly to avoid possible legal action.