How to Add My Handwritten Signature to an Email

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Upload a copy of your signature to include in emails.

Emails can seem less personal than printed letters, and one of the reasons may be because they do not usually include a handwritten signature. People applying for jobs may be frustrated with the lack of ability to sign their name by hand on a cover letter sent by email, for example, or a sales person may want to convey a personal touch with letters sent to clients. You can add your handwritten signature to an email by downloading a copy of your signature onto your computer and inserting it as an image in an email message.


Step 1

Sign your name in pen on a sheet of blank white paper. Make sure your signature appears as you would like it to in the emails you send out.

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Step 2

Scan the signature into your computer with a scanner. If you do not have access to a scanner, take a picture of the signature with a digital camera and download the photo onto your computer.


Step 3

Open the scanned or uploaded signature in a photo- or image-editing program such as Microsoft Paint, which is included with Windows, or Microsoft Office Picture Manager, part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Crop the file into a rectangle that contains only your signature and a small border of white space around it. Increase the contrast in the photo so your signature is dark black and the background is pure white.


Step 4

Reduce the size of the file, if your editing program supports it, so your signature is no more than 300 pixels across for faster loading time. Save this file to your hard drive as a JPEG or PNG file.

Step 5

Open the email program you use on your computer, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail, and open a new message window.


Step 6

Compose the message. At the end of the message, click on the "Insert Picture" button or menu item.

Step 7

Browse the computer hard drive, select the signature image you created and insert it into the message. Press the down arrow or "Enter" to skip to the next line and type your name on the line under your signature.


Some web-based email programs allow you to include html code in your signature. If you use one of these email programs, upload your signature image to your website or a free image hosting service such as ImageShack and get the direct link to the image. To include the image in a message, compose the message in HTML, type into the box and include the direct link to the image between the quotation marks.