How to Add Text Over a Movie in Premiere

You can add subtitles, credits, special messages or text-based instructions to your Adobe Premiere 4 movies - whatever you fancy. It's a snap.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Premiere

Step 1

Open or create a project.

Step 2

Open the File menu and select New, then Title.

Step 3

Use the text tool to enter your text into the Text window.

Step 4

Edit your text with the commands in the Title menu.

Step 5

Open the File menu and select Save As, then save and name your title.

Step 6

From the Clip window, locate the frame that you want to contain the text.

Step 7

With that frame displayed, drag the Clip window into the Title window. You can now see how your text will look in the frame that is to contain it.

Step 8

Modify as needed.

Step 9

Drag your text into a Superimpose Track on the Construction window. Place your text under the frame that's going to display it.

Step 10

Click on your text clip to select it.

Step 11

From the Clip menu, click on Transparency.

Step 12

Select key settings in the box that appears. Make any adjustments that may apply to the specific key setting.

Step 13

Click OK.

Step 14

From the Construction window, drag your text clip to cover the number of frames that will display it.

Step 15

Preview your movie using the Make Snapshot command from the Make menu.

Step 16

Save your project.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can experiment with drop shadows, shapes, colors and other variations.