How to Add the Total in Microsoft Excel

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Excel has powerful financial management capabilities. Excel allows you to manage complex business documents and general budgets. Many functions, or preset formula, installed in Excel allow simple calculations with the click of a button. You can also perform calculations by telling Excel what you want to do. Adding totals in Excel is a simple process if you follow a few guidelines.


Step 1

Make sure the columns or rows you would like to add are adjacent. For this example, we will use cells C2 through C6. Make sure numbers are present in each cell.

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Step 2

Select a location you would like your total to appear. For convenience, type "total" in a cell in the same row the total will appear. For example, to total cells C2 through C6, type "total" in cell A7.


Step 3

Click the cell you would like the total to appear. In our example, you will select cell C7.

Step 4

Click the "Auto Sum" icon from the toolbar or the "Home" tab in the "Editing" group on the ribbon. The auto sum icon looks like a backward "E". A flashing marquee will appear around cells C2 through C6. The marquee lets you know which cells are affected.


Step 5

Hit the "Enter" key on your computer's keyboard to complete the action. The total of your cells will appear in cell C7.



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