How to Adjust a Satellite for DirecTV Using Compass

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Adjust a Satellite for DirecTV Using Compass

DirecTV is a direct satellite broadcast company providing television and audio services. Broadcast signals are received by the satellite dish that has to be correctly positioned to point directly to the satellite. The satellite is always located south of Texas, hence a dish located, for example, in California should face southeast. Two coordinates (elevation and azimuth) describe the dish position. The azimuth angle represents rotation of the dish in the 360-degree range along the vertical axis, meaning it can be adjusted with compass.


Step 1

Go to the DirecTV Dish Pointer website (see resources).

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Step 2

Enter the zip code in the field, and press "Check."

Step 3

Write down the azimuth angle that characterizes the correct dish position at your location.


Step 4

Examine your compass and read the instruction manual that comes with it. The azimuth scale from 0 to 360 degrees should be marked on the compass edge circle.

Step 5

Determine where the azimuth angle from Step 3 is located on the azimuth scale.


Step 6

Put the compass flat on your palm and align your arm with the LNB support arm of the dish. LNB stands for low noise block converter.


Step 7

Hold your hand still and wait until the compass needle stops moving.

Step 8

Look at the compass and draw an imaginary line through its center and the azimuth angle from Step 5 (red arrow on the figure). Compare the direction of this line with the direction of the LNB support arm.


Step 9

Rotate the dish, trying to match its position with the azimuth angle direction.

Step 10

Repeat steps 6 to 9 until the azimuth angle direction coincides with the LNB support arm.


Do not get the compass too close to the dish; the dish is made of metal and may distort compass reading.


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