How to Adjust the Panasonic CF 30 Keyboard Backlight

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How to Adjust the Panasonic CF 30 Keyboard Backlight
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Typing in the dark can lead to a lot of frustration. When you can't see the keys on the keyboard, even touch-typists can find it difficult to hit the right keys. The Panasonic CF 30 attempts to combat this problem by offering an optional backlit keyboard, which will illuminate your keys under low-light conditions. This option is especially useful on a rugged "ultra-portable toughbook," which is meant to be used in harsh conditions. Though the documentation for the feature is quite vague, adjusting the keyboard backlight is actually very simple, and the process should only take a minute or two.


Step 1

Power up your Panasonic CF 30, and allow Windows to boot.

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Step 2

Press "Function" and "F12" at the same time to activate the keyboard backlight.

Step 3

Press "Function" and "F12" again to cycle between the various brightness options. There are four different brightness settings, and a fifth setting for "off."




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