How to Amplify Speaker Sound

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Speaker output increases when an amplifier is added to the mix.

Speakers are devices that translate signals from an electronic device, such as a receiver or CD player, into audible sound waves. Occasionally speakers may need a bit of a power boost to produce louder, more robust audio. Running an amplifier between the audio device and the speakers will raise the wattage going into the speakers and amplify the sound.


Step 1

Purchase an amplifier that is rated for twice the wattage of the speaker. For example, if the speaker is rated for 350 watts, use an amplifier that can output 700 watts. This increased wattage will send a more powerful signal to the speaker, thereby creating a louder sound. Also, be sure that the amplifier you use is rated to handle the combined output impedance of the speakers. This means that the impedance of the speakers (calculated in ohms) divided by the number of speakers connected to the amp should fall within the amp's allowed impedance. The impedance ratings for the speakers and the amp are in the product's manuals.


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Step 2

Connect the audio device to the amplifier using the speaker wire. If you are using a receiver, connect the audio device to the receiver's audio input jacks using the RCA cables. Connect the receiver to the amplifier by running speaker wire from the speaker terminals on the receiver to the input terminals on the amplifier. The terminals are either spring loaded or bind posts. Connect speaker wire to the spring loaded terminals by depressing the level below the hole, inserting the wire, then releasing the level. Connect to the binding posts by wrapping the bare wire around the post and then tightening it. Make sure the wire labeled with "+" signs connects to the red terminal.



Step 3

Connect the amplifier to the speakers by running speaker wire from the audio output terminals on the amplifier to the speakers. The speakers use the same spring loaded or binding post terminals as the other devices.

Step 4

Turn the volume to low and play the audio through the speakers. Adjust the volume to the level you want, but beware: Since the amplifier produces greater output, even a small adjustment in the volume can result in a loud noise.




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