How to Auto-Reboot in DD-WRT

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The DD-WRT is custom, Linux-based firmware available for many mainstream routers. You can hotflash DD-WRT to your router to open up additional capabilities of the router that you did not have access to before. You can set the DD-WRT firmware to schedule a reboot at regular intervals. Regularly rebooting your router is useful because, like with the memory on a computer, certain data will stay lodged in the router's memory until a reset and can slow the unit down.


Step 1

Log in to the DD-WRT router. Open a browser and enter your router's IP address, by default this is "" unless you have changed this. Enter the username and password you have set to log in.

Step 2

Click "Administration."

Step 3

Click "Keep Alive." Click "Enable" next to "Schedule Reboot."

Step 4

Choose either the "Interval" or the "Set time" you want to reboot.

Step 5

Click "Save" and then "Apply Changes."