How to Avoid Cancellation Fees With Verizon Wireless

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Cell phone providers often require you to sign a one- or two-year contract with them before they provide you with service, and Verizon Wireless isn't any different. There may come a time, however, when you wish to either cancel your plan or switch providers, which may result in your getting charged an early termination fee. Due to the signed contract, getting out of this fee may be difficult, but it is not impossible.


Step 1

Call customer service

Call Verizon Wireless's customer service line. If you wish to cancel your contract with Verizon, you are going to have to explain to the service agent why you need out and why you think you shouldn't be charged the early termination fee. If the company has changed your billing policy without telling you, you have a valid argument for getting out of the termination fee. Also, if you are in the military or going on an overseas mission, you can get out of the early termination fee by proving you will be out of the country for an extended period of time, making your contract worthless to you.

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Step 2

Verizon Wireless store

Visit a Verizon Wireless store. You may have some luck at winning your case against an early termination fee by going into a standalone store as opposed to talking with someone over the phone. Customer service agents tend to be more helpful in person and more willing to listen to your reasons as to why you shouldn't be charged the early termination fee. In addition, they may be able to find a fix for the reasons you wish to leave Verizon. If you do go into a store and your phone is relatively new, make sure to take your phone and all of its accessories with you. The store may take your phone back so it can resell it; this also may cancel out an early termination fee.



Step 3

Wait out your contract

Wait out your contract. This is the best way to avoid an early termination fee. If your service is relatively good, and you only have a few months left on your contract, you can use the extra time to research phones carried by the wireless provider to which you wish to switch. The money you'll save by not having to pay the early termination fee will outweigh even your monthly phone bill.



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