How to Block Calling Number on Bell Cell Phones

By Matt Koble

Bell is a telecommunications service provider located in Canada. For customers with Bell cell phone service, there may come a time when you want to block your caller ID information from showing up when you call somebody, Similarly, you may want to block certain numbers from being able to call you. Luckily, Bell offers both services free-of-charge for cellular subscribers.

Things You'll Need

  • Bell's Anti-Spam Service

Blocking your Caller ID Information

Step 1

Turn your Bell cell phone on and wait for it to load completely. Figure out whether your phone works on the HSPA/UMTS or EVDO/1XRTT network, contact Bell if you're unsure.

Step 2

Dial "#31#" then the phone number you'd like to call if you're using the HSPA/UMTS network. If you're using the EVDO/1XRTT network, dial "*67" before dialing the number you'd like to call.

Step 3

Press the "Call" button to place the call. The receiver will see "Blocked Call" or "Unknown Number" instead of your normal caller ID info. Do this before each call when you'd like to block your caller ID information.

Step 4

Contact Bell's customer service if you'd like to permanently block your outgoing caller ID info. If you do this, you can unblock your info on the HSPA/UMTS network by pressing "*31#" before dialing a phone number or "*82" on the EVDO/1XRTT network.

Using Bell's Anti-SPAM Service

Step 1

Create a new text message and set the recipient number to the short code "2767." Whenever you want to issue a command to the Anti-SPAM service, you can do so through text messaging the specific command to that number.

Step 2

Write "Block on" in the text of the text message and send it. Create another new text message to "2767" saying "Block num [enter number here]" and send to add the specified number to the block list. For example, the message could read "Block num 555-555-5432."

Step 3

Unblock any previously blocked numbers by sending a text message to "2767" saying "Unblock num [enter number here]" and sending the message. If you'd like to turn off the Anti-SPAM service, send "Block off" to "2767."

Tips & Warnings

  • When using Bell's Anti-SPAM service, text "Help info" to "2767" to receive a help message to make using the service easier.