How to Block Calls on Windstream

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Windstream Communications allows callers to block their calls selectively. According to the Windstream Communications "Feature & Information Guide," users can activate a feature called Selective Call Rejection to block calls from specific numbers, or Anonymous Call Rejection to block calls from callers who have disabled their caller ID. Blocking unwanted callers can save the user time and stress. Anonymous Call Rejection is activated by default, but the user must activate Selective Call Rejection through a dial-in menu.

Selective Call Rejection

Step 1

Dial "*60" on your touch-tone phone.

Step 2

Toggle "Selective Call Rejection" on and off by pressing the "3" key.

Step 3

Add the last caller to your blocked list by dialing "#01#" and following the audio instructions.

Step 4

Press "#" if you know the number you want to add to the list. Follow the recorded instructions to add the number.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Step 1

Dial "*87" to cancel your Anonymous Call Rejection.

Step 2

Dial "*77" to reactivate Anonymous Call Rejection.

Step 3

Listen for the confirmation tone to make sure the change went through.


You can have up to 12 numbers on your Selective Call Rejection block list.

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