How to Block Nudity Websites

Blocking websites that feature nudity and pornography can be a major concern for households with children. There are several computer programs that utilize parental controls to censor websites inappropriate for children. Following a few basic steps can help safeguard your family from undesired internet use by allowing you to either manually prohibit sites or to filter content.

Internet Explorer

Step 1

Right click the "Internet Explorer" icon on your desktop. If you don't have the icon on the desktop, right click "the Internet Explorer" program in your programs file. Left click the "properties" option that appears on the screen. A dialogue box with a number of options should pop up.

Step 2

Left click the "Content" tab along the top of the dialogue box. Under the advisor option second on the list, left click on the box titled "enable." A new window should open with a slide bar in it.

Step 3

Slide the bar along the menu. There are three options on the menu: None (for absolutely no content that could be graphic or intimidating), Limited (for content that may be graphic or intimidating in a medical or academic sense like professional journals) and Unrestricted (which means that any content at all will pass the filter). Select the option you want, and then left click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the menu.


Step 1

Create a new account. Click "System Preferences," located in the dock and then "New Users." If there is a lock icon in the lower left hand corner, click it and enter your password and information. Click the plus sign above the lock icon to create a new account. From the menu of new account options, select “Manage With Parental Controls” and then fill out the required information. Upon completion, click “Create Account.”

Step 2

Select the newly created account from the panel on the left hand side of your screen. Make sure the “Enable Parental Controls” box is checked when the options open.

Step 3

Click “Open Parental Controls” and then click the Content tab. Select the option that says “Try to limit Access to Adult Sites Automatically.” If you have specific websites that you don't want your children to access, then type in the website in the “Never Allow” box.


If other users are more technically savvy, you may need to find another way to block content, or create a password that will ensure that only you can change the settings.

For those who want to filter content for Mozilla Firefox, download a free parental control program, such as Glubble or Pro Con Latte. This software lets you control content filters to block nudity sites.