How to Block Phone Numbers With Charter

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Sometimes, you may not want to receive calls from solicitors, certain acquaintances or even family members. You can avoid experiencing the nuisance of a ringing phone or countless voicemail messages you have no desire to hear, and prevent people who call from certain numbers from reaching you via your Charter phone service. All you have to do is choose the appropriate calling feature to help you accomplish your goal.

Blocking Anonymous Calls

Step 1

Lift the handset of your phone, and confirm a dial tone.

Step 2

Press *77 to activate the call blocking feature for anonymous calls. Any caller with an unidentifiable number will receive a recorded message that your number is not accepting anonymous calls.

Step 3

Lift the handset, confirm a dial tone and press *87 to deactivate this feature.

Selective Call Acceptance

Step 1

Lift the handset, confirm a dial tone and dial *64.

Step 2

Add up to 12 phone numbers to the list of callers you will accept. Review, edit or delete numbers by following the menu prompts. Only the numbers on your list will ring through. Callers from other numbers will be informed via a recorded message that calls are not being accepted at this time.

Step 3

Pick up the handset, listen for a dial tone and then dial *84 to deactivate this feature. All calls will now ring through, regardless of number.


Calls to "900" and "976" numbers are automatically blocked from your phone when you use Charter phone service.