How to Bookmark a Web Page

By Aaron Parson

Web bookmarks help you return to websites you've visited before. Learn how to create and delete bookmarks in your Web browser.

Things You'll Need

  • Modems
  • Internet Access
  • Computers
  • Web Browsers

Bookmarking (or favoriting) a Web page adds it to a list in your Web browser for quick access. Think of bookmarks like speed dial for websites -- no need to remember a long Web address or dig through your history to revisit a site you liked, just click its bookmark.


In Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox alike, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D creates a bookmark.

Internet Explorer

To add the current site to your favorites in Internet Explorer 10 or 11, click the star icon to see your list of favorites in a sidebar and then click Add to Favorites.

Click Add in the dialog box to create the favorite. Optionally, give the favorite a new name or use the Create in menu to place the favorite into a folder for sorting.

Add a Favorite dialog

To delete a favorite, reopen the sidebar with the star icon, right-click a favorite and choose Delete.

Deleting a favorite


Bookmarking a page in Chrome only takes one action: Click the star icon at the end of the address bar. In Chrome 42 or above, clicking the star also pops up a small panel with text boxes to edit the bookmark or add it to a folder. If you don't need these options, just click elsewhere on the browser window to close the panel.

Chrome bookmarking

To remove the bookmark for the current site, click the star icon again and click the trash can icon. To delete or edit other bookmarks, click View All Bookmarked Items or press Ctrl-Shift-O to open the bookmark manager. In the manager, open the menu on a bookmark and select Delete to erase it.

Delete bookmarks


Click the star icon in Firefox 29 or above to bookmark the current site. To edit the bookmark's name, folder or tags, click the star a second time. To delete the bookmark, click the star and then click Remove Bookmark.

Edit bookmark

To delete other bookmarks, click the icon next to the star and choose Show All Bookmarks, or press Ctrl-Shift-B. Right-click a bookmark and choose Delete -- or select a bookmark and press the Del key -- to erase it.

Delete a bookmark


In any browser, you don't need to delete and recreate bookmarks in order to sort or edit them. Use your browser's bookmark manager to make these and other changes.