How to Boost WiFi Speed

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A Wi-Fi network is a computer network where each device connected sends and receives information via radio signals. Also called wireless networks, Wi-Fi networks are a common way to connect laptop computers and other mobile devices to the Internet. Desktop computers can also connect to Wi-Fi signals if they have a wireless adapter card installed. The data transfer speed of Wi-Fi networks depends on the strength of the radio signals a device receives from the wireless router. Boosting signal strength can boost the speed of browsing, downloading and uploading on the Internet.


Step 1

Remove obstructions between your computer and the wireless router. Walls, large pieces of furniture and metal objects can reduce wireless signal strength. If your computer is on a different floor than the router, moving the computer into the same room as the router can boost signal strength.


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Step 2

Elevate the router, such as by placing it on a table or desk, and place it in a central area.


Step 3

Update your wireless adapter's driver software. Click "Start," right click "Computer," click "Manage," "Device Manger," double click "Network Adapters," right click on your wireless adapter, click "Properties," click the "Driver" tab and then "Update Driver." You may be able to find driver updates at the website of your wireless adapter's manufacturer.



Step 4

Configure your wireless adapter settings. Click "Start," right click "Computer," click "Manage," "Device Manger," double click "Network Adapters," right click on your wireless adapter, click "Properties," click the "Advanced" tab, select "Transmit Power" and change the drop-down value to "Highest" and then select "Roaming Aggressiveness" and change the drop-down value to "Highest."


Step 5

Use a wireless repeater to extend signal range. A wireless repeater is a device that takes in a wireless signal and sends it back out with renewed strength. Placing a repeater between your router and computer can boost Wi-Fi speed.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless repeater

  • Wireless router

  • Wireless adapter


Securing your wireless connection and taking steps to improve security can increase speed if other people are using your network without permission.

Avoid giving out your network's password.

Upgrading your Internet service may be necessary to boost your Internet speed if your wireless network has adequate signal strength.