How to Bring Back the PC Cursor to the Desktop Screen

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If the cursor does not appear on your desktop screen, your computer may not be recognizing your mouse.

No matter what type of hardware or software you have, most people encounter issues with their mouse and cursor at some point. If you are working on a PC, you may be experiencing an issue where the cursor disappears completely from your desktop screen. In this case, the PC may not be recognizing your mouse. There are a few simple steps you can take to try and bring the cursor back to your desktop screen.


Step 1

Press ALT and F4 simultaneously, which will allow you to use your keyboard to navigate on your desktop since your mouse is not recognized.

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Step 2

Use the arrow key to move to "Restart" and click "Enter". Wait for your computer to restart.


Step 3

Move your mouse when your desktop screen appears until you see the cursor.




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