How to Build a Greenhouse in Sims 2

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Sims 2 offers a whole new world of possibilities for Sims players, and one of the more exciting additions is the ability to garden. The "Seasons" expansion pack offers even more gardening options and a wider variety of fruits and vegetables your Sim can grow, eat, store and even juice. Another feature of Sims 2 Seasons is the ever-changing weather, which includes snow in winter and occasional frosts in spring. This can present problems for gardening Sims, but by establishing a greenhouse your Sim can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.


Step 1

Level a patch of ground large enough to accommodate your greenhouse. If you haven't built your house yet, the easiest way to do this is to use the flatten tool to flatten your entire lot to street level.

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Step 2

Go into build mode. Under the gardening option in the garden center, select greenhouse walls. Hold down the shift key, click and drag to create a rectangle in the desired area. Release the mouse button when the desired size is reached.


Step 3

Select greenhouse windows under gardening in build mode. Add as many windows as desired by clicking on greenhouse walls. Add at least one greenhouse door in the same fashion.

Step 4

Go up one level and change the view to "Walls up." Under the gardening category, select greenhouse roof. Click the lower left corner of your greenhouse walls and drag to the top right corner, then release the mouse button to create a roof.


Step 5

Go back down one level and select "Walls cutaway." Add as much soil as desired to the ground for planting. Make sure you don't place soil directly in front of the greenhouse door, because this will make it impossible for your Sim to enter the greenhouse.

Step 6

Select a sprinkler from the gardening section. Place sprinklers by clicking on the floor of your greenhouse where you want them placed. Make sure you have enough sprinklers to cover all the soil in your greenhouse.


Step 7

Select lights from the gardening section and place them in your greenhouse, making sure you place enough to cover every plant. Lights cost 2,000 Simoleans each, so make sure you have enough Simoleans saved up before placing them.

Step 8

Add ladybug houses, compost bins and any other garden accessories inside and outside your greenhouse and exit build mode. Your Sim can now plant vegetables and fruits in his greenhouse and keep them growing all year long.

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