How to Build a Website for a School Project

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Everyone can create a very simple website in less than an hour.

Websites are something everybody is familiar with these days. Designing your own website, however, can be a challenge. Still, a simple Web page doesn't require a tremendous amount of effort. If you are prepared to spend a couple of hours of your time, you'll be able to create an even more intriguing Web design for your school project.


Step 1

Open a text editor. Click "Start." Then navigate to "All Programs" and "Accessories." Select "Notepad."

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Step 2


My School Project

This is the first paragraph.

This is the second paragraph.


"<>" are the opening tags while "</>" are the closing tags. Most tags need to be opened, then closed. For example, all Web pages start with and close with . For example "

My School Project

" means than you open the "

", or heading 1, tag, then write the text of the heading, then close the heading tag.


Step 3

Save the file as "index.html." Remember, however, to specify the "Save as type" as "All Files" rather than "Text Documents" when saving the file.

Step 4

Register your website for free at any of the free hosting websites that exist on the Web. You can find two such websites in the Resources section of this article. The registration process is easy. After you register, you'll get a username and password to be able to upload your "index.html" file. When registering, write down the domain name of your website (for example,



Step 5

Log onto the password-protected area of the hosting website with which you registered. Click "Upload" and select the "index.html" file you saved in Step 3.

Step 6

Go to the domain name that you received when registering your free website (e.g., You should see this:

My School Project (large letters) This is the first paragraph. This is the second paragraph.



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