How to Burn a DVD Using Nero 7 Essentials

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Burn a DVD Using Nero 7 Essentials.

Nero 7 Essentials is an older version of the popular Nero video-burning video which is now in its 9th edition. Nero 7 Essentials is fairly easy to navigate and allows for the easy burning of DVDs. To burn a DVD with the software, you need to make sure that you have your movie or video loaded on your computer and ready to burn onto a blank DVD-ROM or DVD-RW disc.


Step 1

Insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD drive.

Step 2

Open your Nero 7 Essentials software program.

Step 3

Select the "Photo and Video" icon at the top of the interface. (The icon is a filmstrip slightly on top of a photo.)

Step 4

Choose "Make Your Own DVD-Video" from the menu.


Step 5

Select "Add Video Files" under the menu "What Do You Want To Do?"

Step 6

Browse and select the video you would like to burn and then press "OK." Your video will be displayed in the Main Project window.

Step 7

Select what kind of menu you want on your DVD in the same window. You can choose "Title and chapters menu," "Title menu only" or "Do not create a menu." Press "Next," and "Next" again.


Step 8

Designate where you want the movie to burn to by selecting "Burn To..." and your DVD drive in the "Set the parameters for burning a DVD" menu.

Step 9

Press the "Burn" button to complete the burn process.