How to Burn a Loop DVD

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Making a DVD play in a continuous loop using Windows DVD Maker.

A loop DVD plays over and over again continuously, starting over at the beginning when it's reached the end of the last video file. There may be a menu, but you may never see it unless you press the menu button. To make a loop DVD, simply specify the loop option when creating your DVD.


Step 1

Open Windows DVD Maker by clicking "Start," typing "Windows DVD Maker" and pressing "Enter." In the opening window, select videos to add to your DVD.

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Step 2

Click "Options" at the bottom and go to the "DVD-Video" tab. Under "Choose DVD playback settings," select the circle next to "Play video in a continuous loop" and click "OK" at the bottom.


Step 3

Click "Next" at the bottom to arrive at the menu screen, where you can customize any menus. Considering the video will likely bypass any menus, you can simply ignore all the options.


Step 4

Click "Burn" at the bottom to burn your loop DVD.



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