How to Burn Music to a DVD R

By DavidC

DVD-R and DVD-RW are two great media for storing and transporting music. Although many people have portable media players like iPods, the memory tends to fill up quickly and users have to remove some of their old music to make room for new music. Then there's the problem of what to do when your computer's hard drive fills up. With a storage capacity of 4.7 gigabytes per standard disc, and at costs as low as 50 cents per disc, DVD-RW media are a cheap and versatile way of storing and transporting music.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD burner
  • Blank DVD R discs
  • DVD-burning software, included in most operating systems (OS)

Using Your Operating System's Software

Step 1

Make sure your DVD burner is compatible with the blank DVD discs you plan to use. There are various types of DVD discs, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, single-sided single-layer, single-sided dual-layer, and double-sided dual-layer. You need to confirm which types of discs work on your burner. Ask the manufacturer, if necessary.

Step 2

Insert a blank DVD into your computer's CD/DVD reader/burner. In Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX versions greater than 10.1.2, a pop-up window will appear that offers a direct option to burn a data DVD.

Step 3

Select "Burn files to data disc", or the most similar option, from the pop-up window that automatically opens after inserting the disc. For maximum compatibility between your disc and DVD players, select "Mastered" from the Formatting Options.

Step 4

Click "Next" to bring up an empty folder. Drag all of the music files you want to burn into the empty folder, then press "Burn to disc." You might see one final box of options about burn speeds. If so, just use the defaults if you do not understand the options.

Using Third-Party Software

Step 1

Obtain a third-party DVD burning program. Most DVD burners and new computers come with free burning software. There are also a number of freeware and shareware products available on You can also purchase a product like Roxio Creator or Nero, but they have much more functionality than you will need, so spending money on software is not necessary.

Step 2

Follow the instructions for the software you choose to use. Almost all programs work the same way. The program will first ask whether you plan to burn video or data, in which case you choose data. Next, the program will present an empty window or folder where you can drag the music files you want to burn.

Step 3

Click "Burn disc" or the most similar option. There is usually a final set of options that allows you to set burn speed and/or format. The default settings should be sufficient for burning a data disc, but feel free to read your burning software's documentation for a better understanding of the options.