How to Buy Flowers Online With a Dell Preferred Account

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You have a birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion coming up, and you need to order flowers now. Don't rush to your local florist; use your Dell Preferred Account to purchase flowers from Teleflora's Flower Club. Teleflora will deliver flowers and other gifts to anyone in the United States and even in many areas around the world.


Step 1

Open your Internet browser and visit the Teleflora's Flower Club site at

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Step 2

Scroll through the many flower and gift categories and make your selection. Click on the item you want and then enter the recipient's ZIP code in the box labeled "Enter recipient ZIP/postal code." Then click "Add to Cart" after your selection.


Step 3

Check your order on the "Shopping Basket" page. Make any deletions or changes and then enter a "Promotion Code" if you have one. Click "Checkout" if you are ready to complete your order or click "Continue Shopping" if you want to add more items to the "Shopping Basket."


Step 4

Enter delivery information--name of recipient, address, delivery date and gift message on the "Add Delivery Information" page. You can enter different recipient information for each item or click on the box next to "Send to same recipient as first item" if all the items are going to the same person. Then, click "Continue to Billing."



Step 5

Click the down arrow on the box labeled "Payment Type" on the "Enter Payment Information" page, and select "Dell Preferred Account" to bill the purchase to your Dell Preferred Account. Enter your Dell Preferred Account number and then finish entering your personal information.


Step 6

Click "Continue to Review" to check your order. If the order information is correct, click "Place My Order." If you need to make any changes, click "Back to Billing." Only click "Place My Order" once. Your order will be processed, and you will receive a confirmation on the screen and via e-mail.



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