How to Call an International Operator

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More than 6 billion international calls are placed every year from the United States, the Federal Communications Commission says. As businesses expand to include international campuses and social networking makes communication across the globe nearly instant, people calling overseas has become commonplace. Placing a call to an international operator won't be difficult but you will need to gather some information beforehand. Also be aware that using an operator instead of dialing direct can get expensive so be sure to check your provider for rate information.


Step 1

Locate and write down the number you wish to call. If you don't know the number, it would be less expensive to find this on your own on the Internet or from a library, rather than have the international operator find it for you.

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Step 2

Place the call using the international code, country code and local phone number. For example, if you are calling Spain, you would dial the international code (01) + the country code for Spain (34) and then the local number (123-456-789) or: 01-34-123456789. Using the number sequence "01" will connect you to an international operator who will help complete the call.



Step 3

Speak with the operator and ask for assistance in completing the call. The advantage of using the operator is the help you can receive if you are calling a country where the language is unfamiliar. Simply request that the operator ask for a particular person before completing the call. This can be handy if you are looking for a client or colleague at a business or hotel.




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