How to Call India Toll Free Number From USA

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Calling India toll-free requires knowing the proper calling codes.

Calling a toll free number in India from the U.S. may seem like a confusing process, but it's simple once you know the proper codes for international dialing. The toll free code in front of the Indian phone number acts as the area code, and then it is just a matter of applying the appropriate calling codes before dialing the rest of the phone number.


Step 1

Dial 011 on the phone first. This is the exit code one must always use when placing an international call from the U.S.

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Step 2

Dial 91 next, which is the India country code and directs the call to the appropriate country.


Step 3

Dial the three-digit toll-free code in front of the Indian phone number. As with the U.S., this code will most often be 800. If there is a 1 in front of the three-digit toll-free code, drop it, as you don't need to dial it.


Step 4

Dial the rest of the Indian phone number you're trying to reach, and the line will begin dialing.




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