How to Call Mexico on a Cell Phone

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If you want to contact a person or business in Mexico using your mobile phone, you must know what numbers you need to dial. Calling Mexico on a cell phone may incur different charges depending on the caller's phone provider, calling plan and location. There are phone companies that will charge roaming or extra fees when you call Mexico, such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, just to name a few.


Step 1

Determine the cost to call Mexico on a cell phone. Ask your phone provider about the long distance rates for calling Mexico with your cell phone.

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Step 2

Ready the phone number in Mexico you want to contact. Go to to know the complete number you need. Choose the country you are calling from and Mexico as the country you are calling. Then select the particular city you want to call.


Step 3

Check the time in Mexico where the receiver is located. Click on the "Multiple Zones" link next to "The Time in Mexico is currently." It will give you the current local times in different Mexican regions.

Step 4

Dial your country's exit code, "52" as Mexico's country code, and the 10-digit number. To call a Mexican mobile number, add "1" after Mexico's country code and before the 10-digit number when dialing. If calling from the United States using a Verizon mobile phone, dial "011," "52" and the 7 or 8 digit local number.



Step 5

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer in Mexico calling a Mexican local wireless subscriber, dial "044" and the 10-digit phone number. For long distance calls within Mexico, dial "01" and the 10-digit number. For local calls, dial the 7 or 8-digit number.



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