How to Cancel My Virgin Mobile Account

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Talk with a Virgin Mobile adviser to delete your account.
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If you want to cancel your Virgin Mobile services, call the company and work with an adviser to delete your account. Alternatively, your account will naturally expire if you do not make any additional monthly or by-the-minute payments over a period of time. Whether you directly cancel your account or just let the account expire, you will not be reimbursed for unused minutes or your cash balance.


Calling Customer Service

If you are ready to cancel your Virgin Mobile account, dial 1-888-322-1122 to speak to an employed adviser. Verbalize your desire to delete your account and provide the necessary information when asked such as your name and account pin number. If you might be interested in switching Virgin Mobile plans rather than deleting your account entirely, make sure to discuss the possibility of switching over before you close your existing account so that unused minutes and a cash balance may be transferred to your new plan.


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Letting Your Account Expire

Since all of Virgin Mobile plans have no contract, the company lets accounts automatically expire from inactivity. If you go 120 days without making a payment for a monthly plan, your account will expire. With a pay-by-the-minute plan, your account will expire in 150 days if you do not make a Topping-Up payment of at least $20 or in 105 days if your last Topping-Up payment was less than $20.




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