How to Cancel Virgin Mobile Services

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If you want to cancel your Virgin Mobile account because you no longer need its wireless service, you must call the customer support line and speak to a live representative. Virgin Mobile is a wireless cell phone provider that offers pre-paid and month-to-month wireless service. It differs from other service providers because it does not require customers to sign a long-term wireless contract. Customers are allowed to cancel service at any time without penalty.


Step 1

Navigate to the Virgin Mobile Contact Web page. (See Resources.) The customer service contact number is displayed on the page.

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Step 2

Call the customer service number at 888-322-1122. You must call Virgin Mobile and speak to a representative to cancel the service.


Step 3

Tell the representative your account information and then ask to have your account canceled. The representative needs your mobile phone number, name and virgin Mobile account password. Once the information is verified by the representative, he will cancel your account.




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