How to Change an Email Password on the iPhone

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After changing the password to your email account, your iPhone won't be able to sync new messages or send outgoing messages until you update the password on your phone. If you use iCloud for your email, you have the option of picking a new password directly on the phone itself, but for other email providers, change your password on a computer and enter the new password on your iPhone when it automatically prompts you.

Initial Steps

Step 1: Open Mail Settings

Open the iOS 8 Settings app and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

These initial steps are the same for any account type.
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Step 2: Pick an Account

Pick the account you want to update from the list of accounts. On the following page, tap your email address at the top of the screen. If you choose an iCloud account, the phone prompts you to log in with your current password.

The list includes all accounts, including those not used for mail.
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Update the Password for a Non-iCloud Account

Delete the old, obscured password and enter the new password for your email account. Tap Done to finish.

This screen updates the email password on your phone. It does not assign a new password.
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If your account doesn't show the Password line, tap Delete Account to remove the account, and then add it anew.

Set a New Password for an iCloud Account

Step 1: Open Password Settings

Tap Password & Security and then tap Change Password.

Your iCloud account is the same as your Apple ID.
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Step 2: Answer Security Questions

Answer the security questions to prove your identity and tap Verify. If you don't remember the answers, tap the link at the bottom of the page to send a reset link to your email. After verification, the phone returns to the Password & Security screen. Tap Change Password again to continue.

You can also change these questions from the Password & Security screen.
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Step 3: Change the Password

Enter your current password and a new password, and verify the new password. ICloud passwords must have at least eight characters including one number, one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. Tap Change to set the new password.

The Change button lights up after filling out the lines.
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Use your new iCloud password for all Apple ID logins, including the iTunes Store.