How to Change Audio Sampling Rate on a Zoom H4n

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The high-end Zoom H4n portable digital audio recorder uses two high-definition microphones to receive and record "surround sound" audio from any direction without loss of quality. You can set the Zoom H4n to record at any sampling rate between 32 and 96 kHz to suit the recording environment and the audio file format used.


Step 1

Press the Menu button to display the available function modes on the H4n's screen.

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Step 2

Turn the dial on the side of the H4n to scroll down to the Rec recording mode and press the dial to select it. The H4n enters recording settings mode and the screen displays the recording modes available.


Step 3

Turn the dial to highlight Rec Format and press the dial to view a list of the available recording formats appears on the screen. The H4n offers MP3 and WAV recording formats. The sampling rate limit for MP3 recordings is 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, but WAV recordings use any sampling rate between 32 and 96 kHz.



Step 4

Turn the dial to scroll through the menu of available formats. For example, if you want to record a 24-bit 96 kHz WAV file -- the highest quality available on the H4n -- scroll through the menu to highlight and select the WAV96kHz/24bit option.

Step 5

Press the Record button to record audio at the selected sampling rate.



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