How to Change Caller ID for Free

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How to Change Caller ID for Free
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Telephone companies and wireless service providers offer options that enable you to hide your number when calling others. However, some people do not accept calls from unknown callers or numbers. Consequently, if you want to call someone who does not accept blocked-number calls, you usually have to either disable the number blocking feature or call from another number. With caller ID spoofing, though, you can place calls and force any number you choose to appear on the other person's phone.


Step 1

Open your Web browser and navigate to a site that lets you spoof (fake) your caller ID number. Sites such as Covert Calling, SpoofTel, TeleSpoof and TraceBust all enable you to place a call and choose the number you want to appear on the other person's phone display screen (links in Resources). While the sites do charge for their services, you can create a trial account or make a test call free.


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Step 2

Type your own phone number in the "Your Number" or "Your Phone Number" field.

Step 3

Enter the number of the person you want to call in the "Your Friend's Number," "Destination Number" or other similarly named field.


Step 4

Enter the fake number you want to appear on the other person's caller ID display in the "Spoof Number," "Fake Number" or "Number to Display" field.

Step 5

Enter the CAPTCHA security text in the appropriate field, if prompted.


Step 6

Click the "Call Now," "Place Call," "Try Now" or other similar link or button. Wait a few seconds for your own phone to ring, and then answer it. After you answer your phone, the spoofing service connects you to the number of the other party. When the phone of the other person rings, the "spoof," or fake, number you entered appears on his caller ID display.


Most spoofing services limit the number of minutes for test or free calls to between 30 seconds and a few minutes. If you want to place numerous spoofed-number calls or talk for longer periods, you must create an account on the number spoofing site and purchase additional minutes.


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